Beautiful design starts with attention to detail and a well-planned layout. Add simplicity and sophistication and you have something that appeals greatly to the eye.

With plenty of experience in design, advertising, marketing, photography, art, and copywriting, Melanie composes works of true class, quality, unique visuals and concepts. Her main goal is to create beautiful, classic pieces that fit each client’s need…and hopefully exceed expectations in the process.

Melanie Dodson, a Penn State University graduate (B.F.A. Visual Journalism, B.F.A. Integrative Arts), began freelancing in 2011 and has continued to do so in the midst of a full time position at an advertising/marketing agency, a wedding, and two children. Her husband is her main motivator and source of energy.

If you would like to learn more about Melanie’s design style or want to inquire about a project, please email xmelaniedodson@gmail.com.


“For the sake of being corny, it was like finding a buried treasure in locating Melanie Dodson for design work. As project lead for our marketing efforts and logo revitalization, I needed to find someone with both artistic and technical skills to help us with our new branding. When I came across Melanie’s website, I saw that she had exceptional abilities. I wasn’t sure if she could pull off a more industrial looking concept, but she indeed knocked it out of the park. The logo development process can be very subjective. Words like “smidge” and “stronger” and “almost there” are often used during the creative process. It’s important to have someone who is both artistic and technically organized to help people through this process. Melanie always knew exactly what I was trying to get across and she worked rapidly and succinctly.  We are so pleased with our new look and we could not have hired a more talented person.” 

Jennifer Campain, SCS Career Services

“It was awesome working with Melanie, she helped me design a beautiful logo for Healthy Meals By Anna. Melanie is very patient, creative and a true professional! Not only did she help me design a beautiful logo, she also helped me do some edits and coding on my website that was not completed and helped it run smoothly! I am so happy with Melanie’s work and I recommend her to all my friends! If you need any help with logo design, promotional materials, invitations for weddings or web designing be sure to use Melanie! You will definitely not be disappointed!!!”

Anna Lee, Healthy Meals By Anna